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Boost your Metabolism Process with These Eatables

Boost your Metabolism Process with These Eatables

Metabolism is nothing but the process wherein chemical reactions occur in our bodies. These chemical reactions are responsible for the maintenance of cells and tissues, thereby maintenance of our body parts. Nutrition and Metabolism go hand in hand. Energy is required by our body for their functioning. This energy is given to the cells by the food that we eat. Hence right amounts of nutrients in the food are necessary for proper functioning of our body.

Our body is our temple. The human body is an amazing creation of God and as the masters of this amazing creation; we are bound to take good care of it. A healthy mind can be obtained only by maintaining a healthy body. If we want to keep our mind healthy, then we must keep our body healthy. Health and wellness are inter-related. These two completely guide our life. One is incomplete without the other. There is no use in pursuing one if there is no presence of the other. For the overall personal development, achievement of sound health is a must. As I mentioned earlier, the body is a temple. Therefore, we must take care of it. 

Now let us take about metabolic fitness. The unseen and internal activities of the human body are known as metabolic activities. From the digestion of food to excretion of waste, from inhaling oxygen to exhaling carbon dioxide, all these activities are metabolic activities. Now, metabolic fitness means that the body is able to carry out all metabolic activities with ease and without any hindrance. To achieve metabolic fitness, one must be able to achieve sound health. Metabolic fitness and sound health are two inter-related terms. One is worthless without the other. For personal betterment, metabolic fitness is a must. Now the question arises that why we need metabolic fitness? Well, the answer is simple. We need metabolic fitness in order to attain an all-around physically fit body. This body will help us in doing our daily chores in a better way and will bring us closer to God.

Speeding up metabolism can help you a lot in getting rid of excess fats or extra weight because the more promptly one’s metabolism busts down foods straight into caloric energy, the less time will be there for the foods to keep on within the body with reference to storage.  

Therefore, several nutrients and dieticians often suggest so-called “power” or “super” foods that accelerate metabolism in human body. A number of studies have found that spicy foods like red pepper are capable of kick-starting metabolism. Thus, including spicy foods in the diet is one of the best alternatives for those who want to speed up their metabolism and avoid excess weight.

Spicy foods, just like red pepper, contain capsaicin a chemical substance that is capable of generating the most important bump in heat iteration, which in turn helps in burning up more fat-laden calories straight after meals. Cayenne, Jalapenos, habaneros and quite some other chili peppers are great resources of capsaicin.

Speaking on the topic, dieter Anahad O’Connor said, “Generally, reports have demonstrated in which normally, meals that contain a spicy dish, just like a dish of chili, could for the short term boost metabolism simply by about 8 % over the individual’s standard rate…”

Ginger and dark-colored pepper have also been found capable of improving metabolism quite a lot, with having no impact from the different other selections.

Green tea along with breakfast, drinking plenty of water and taking plenty of sleep are some of the other metabolism boosters.

Here is a list of few eatables that work wonders when it comes to body metabolism.

  • Water

Water is one of the most important liquid for humans. The more the calories are burnt; the better is your health. It is found that cold water requires the burning of more calories. Hence it is advisable to drink cold water. It is also revealed from a research study that drinking cold water increases the body metabolism rate. See to it that you drink water at equal intervals of time.

  • Milk

Milk is a total package of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and minerals. The calcium present in the milk is said to affect the rate at which the calories are burnt thereby enhancing the metabolism process.

  • Coffee

Coffee contains many substances that collectively affect the body’s metabolism process. Primarily it is the caffeine that is present in coffee. The metabolism rate was found to be increased by 3% to 11% on coffee consumption.

  • Green Tea

Green Tea contains polyphenols called EGCG. This EGCG acts as an antioxidant. Thus Green Tea increases the body fats oxidation rate, thereby increasing the metabolism rate by 4%. Consumption of 3 cups of this tea is found to show a considerable effect on your health.

  • Egg White

Egg White or Albumen is the rich source of proteins and are required by our body in abundance. Thus egg white is said to boost the metabolism process.

  • Lean Meat

Iron is found in large amounts in lean meat and so are proteins. Studies have proved that its deficiency can alter the rate of metabolism process. Hence its consumption in the right amounts is necessary for our body.

  • Chilli Pepper

Capsaicin, one of the components in chili and pepper, is responsible for imparting a spicy tint o them. It also induces a process called thermogenesis in our body. It is also said to increase the rate of metabolism.

  • Whole Grains

It is found that whole grains consume a lot of calories to breakdown as compared to refined grains. Hence, considerably large amounts of calories are burnt thereby enhancing the metabolism process. So it is advisable to include an appropriate amount of whole grains in your diet.

  • Lentils

Lentils are rich in iron, protein and fiber content. Iron is responsible for transfer of oxygen inside our body and this transfer is directly related to the metabolism process. Consumption of the right amounts of Lentils is hence necessary.

Now we shall move on to optimal health. Optimal health is the level of health which one reaches when one is physically, mentally and spiritually fit. An optimally healthy person is able to perform is everyday tasks in a better way than normal people. They have longer as well as healthier life span. Their life is better than the life of an unhealthy person. They simply live their life in a better way. Having optimal health enables a person to enjoy his life to the fullest.

You all must be thinking that yes, it is good to have a better personality and optimal health but why is it necessary. People can live without it too. Well, for you dear friends, I would like to say that the reason for having a fit body is to achieve a fit mind and a healthy spirit. Living does not only mean living physically but spiritually too. Spiritual enlightenment is the key to achieve salvation and for that, a healthy body and a healthy mind are required.

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